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Our extensive experience in making v-ring packing sets is what distinguishes us as a plastics manufacturer. Our knowledge of these products is matched by our massive catalog of sizes and configurations. This, in conjunction with a Balfor-exclusive design and our ability to hold tight tolerances, sets Balfor apart as the premiere v-ring producer in the USA. Should you need a custom size or configuration, that’s no problem; in fact, tailoring to customer’s specific needs is what we do best.

Numerous tests as well as years of high-quality service have shown that Balfor’s PTFE “V” Rings are superior to conventional packings. Balfor’s “V” Rings are applicable in valves, pumps, and other low-speed rotary services in temperatures ranging from -120°F to (+)500°F, with an extremely low coefficient of friction. All the immunity to chemical and solvent action for which PTFE is noted is displayed in the finished Balfor PTFE “V” Rings. 

Balfor’s “V” Ring design provides a maximum of lip flare under gland pressure, allowing gland take-up to be more effective and providing compensation for lip wear. Followers are designed to act as additional sealing rings. This is of particular importance when packings must be installed in shallow stuffing boxes.
Design Features of Balfor’s High-Pressure PTFE “V” Rings:

[1] Parts are molded so as to produce a minimum of clearance between the I.D. and the rod and between the O.D. and the bore, permitting sets to be installed easily without force.

[2] A 20° difference between the angles of the rings making up the set forces the lips of the “V” Rings and the follower against rod and bore when gland pressure is applied. As a result, the packing will function under zero pressure as well as under full load.

[3] The lip of the “V” Rings and the follower are molded with the sharpest possible edge. 

[4] The standard stack height of the “V” Ring is 0.8W, where W is the nominal flange width in inches.

[5] The standard stack height of the header is ½ of the stack height of the “V” Ring.

[6] The standard stack height of the follower is equal to the nominal flange width, W, in inches.

[7] Unless otherwise specified, flat headers and followers will be furnished. Headers and followers having 30° bevels or any special bevels can be furnished upon request.

Balfor’s processing and fabricating techniques assure minimum internal stresses and maximum operational and dimensional stability in service. PTFE “V” Rings can be molded to any practicable dimensional requirement. Stock sizes (I.D. x O.D) range from ⅛” x ⅜” to 7” x 8”. Specially designed “V” Ring sets can be furnished upon request. In all cases, a drawing showing all of the required part dimensions and tolerances should be included with the order. 

*Balfor’s “V” Rings are available in virgin or filled PTFE.

Also available is the low-pressure configuration:

Low-pressure v-ring configuration.jpg