PTFE Sheet

Pure PTFE sheet is widely used in the chemical and process industries because it is inert and impervious to acids, alkalies, solvents, aggressive chemicals, reagents, and other industrial materials. Each PTFE sheet has zero water absorption, and will not contaminate or be contaminated. Its wax-like surface resists adhesion and abrasion. Each sheet has a smooth and uniform appearance and is free from cracks, flaws, and porosity.

Depending upon the thickness, PTFE sheets are either skived from billets or molded to size. Skived sheet is available in electrical and mechanical (both virgin PTFE) grades as well as in general purpose (reprocessed PTFE) grades. Skived sheet is available in standard sizes of 12” x 12”, 24” x 24”, and 48” x 48”, in thickness from 1/32” to ¼”. Continuous lengths of skived sheet (standard width of 30”) are furnished to 160 feet in 1/32” thickness; to 80 feet in 1/16” thickness; to 40 feet in ⅛” thickness; and to 22 feet in ¼” thickness. Longer lengths of skived sheet are available upon request. For special requirements, skived PTFE sheet can be cut to customers specification.

Molded PTFE sheet is available in any thickness up to 2-½” and can be fabricated to meet customer specification.

PTFE sheet is available with one or both sides etched for bonding applications.

PTFE Rod and Tube

PTFE rod and tube are available in both molded and extruded forms. In general, the smaller diameter rod and tube are extruded. The larger diameter are molded, and therefore have a slightly higher density. Rod and tube can be fabricated from virgin or any filled PTFE.

Extruded rod sizes (nominal O.D.) range from ⅛” to 4-¼”. Extruded tubes are available with inside diameters (I.D.) ranging from 1/16” to 4” and outside diameters (O.D.) ranging from ¼” to 4-½”. O.D. tolerances can be controlled to +/-0.001” by centerless grinding. Length must be specified when ordering.

Molded rod is available in sizes (nominal O.D.) ranging from ⅞” to 14”. Maximum lengths vary from 6” to 24”, depending on the rod diameter. Tolerances on molded rods are shown below:

  • Diameter: +¼” / -0”

  • Length: +½” / -0”

Molded tubes are available with inside diameters ranging from ½” to 18-¾” and outside diameters ranging from 1-⅞” to 22”. Minimum wall thicknesses are ⅜” (up to 6” O.D.) and ½” (over 6” O.D.). Maximum lengths vary from 6” to 24”, depending on the wall thickness. Tolerances on molded tubes are shown below:

  • Inside diameter: +0” / -¼”

  • Outside diameter: +¼” / -0”

  • Length: +½” / -0”

Please specify all dimensions (I.D., O.D., and length, where applicable) when asking for price quotation or when placing an order.