Products & Product-Related Services

Although we originated as a processor of fluoropolymer products, modern Balfor works with a wide range of plastic products and is regularly taking on new projects as well as new materials. Our molding and CNC-controlled machining equipment, in conjunction with computer-controlled comparators and coordinate measurement systems, assure the highest quality finished product. With our production and specialty machining processes backed by a fully furnished machine shop, you will be surprised by what we can handle.

Primarily we work with such fluoroplastics as Teflon® (PTFE), Kel-F, FEP, PFA and Hostaflon TFM® (modified polymers of PTFE). However, we also machine items from almost any plastic, among them Nylon, UHMWP, Phenolic, Nylatron, Delrin, and Polypropylene. Should you require a non-stock material we will track down exactly what you need.

Our Balforon™ product line was developed to meet the needs of applications where traditional PTFE or modified compounds were not sufficient. Balfor produces a full line of proprietary materials for a variety of industries. We will work with you one-on-one to certify that your order is made with the perfect material for its application.

Teflon is a registered product of Chemours.