PTFE “O”-Rings

PTFE “O”-Rings are effective seals for reciprocating or rotating shafts and provide the advantage of sealing in both directions. “O”-Rings can be fabricated to customer specifications or to military standards. They are available in a variety of sizes from ⅛” I.D. Balfor’s “O”-Rings conform to standard ARP-568.

Lantern Rings

PTFE lantern rings are recommended for usage in pumps where lubrication or cooling of the stuffing box is necessary. These rings fit snugly over the shaft of the pump and will not move, vibrate, or deform within the stuffing box, regardless of gland pressure. PTFE lantern rings are capable of service in any medium, and can withstand continuous contact with corrosive liquids at normal and elevated temperatures.

Lantern rings are available in both 100% virgin and glass-filled PTFE. In addition, lantern rings can be manufactured in a solid piece or split style. (The split ring can be snapped over the shaft of the pump without any disassembly.) Balfor has the capacity to produce a wide variety of lantern rings. When placing an order or requesting a quotation, please specify shaft diameter, stuffing box bore, height desired, number and spacing of holes, and solid or split style.

PTFE Bellows

PTFE bellows are effective couplings for pipelines subject to pressure and temperature variations. They compensate for minor pipe misalignment caused by vibration in the line and for expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling of the pipeline. Bellows are also recommended for use in noise and vibration dampening applications in the chemical processing, heating/piping and air conditioning systems. Bellows are available in a wide variety of designs to meet specific pressure applications.

Bellows from Balfor are fully machines from high density, 100% virgin PTFE tube to customer specifications. Bellows offer extremely long flex life and can be used in lines in which corrosive materials are transported. The bellows is designed to completely shield the pipe flanges from the medium conveyed. Flanges are available with bolt holes to assure proper installation and positioning during use.

Perforated plate.jpg

Perforated Plates

The Chemical Process Industry responds to the demand for lower material costs and increased productivity by using products made of PTFE. The unexcelled combination of chemical inertness, non-corrosive properties, durability and availability makes PTFE top-rated for the CPI. Products made of PTFE can be used in almost any type of corrosive service, are lower in cost, and have more reliable delivery schedules than their metal product counterparts, saving hours of downtime.

Our PTFE perforated plates assure a proper and even distribution of chemicals descending within the chemical tower they are installed in. These plates will not contaminate the product in any way, and will not allow chemical build-up which could lead to clogged holes. Balfor will manufacture any pattern to your exact specifications. The hole size and pattern is designed to accommodate your specific filtering or mixing application. Perforated plates are available up to sixty inches in diameter, and up to two inches thick.

Baffle plates made of PTFE are also available to take the place of their metal counterparts. Balfor manufactures a full line of support bushings from PTFE and filled materials as well.

Custom Parts

Need a custom-made, application-specific item? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We are regularly taking on one-off, single-order custom runs and welcome the opportunity to do so for your needs.

Machined Parts

Machining plastic parts to exact dimensions requires skill and experience. Balfor has been working with materials such as PTFE, Nylon, Polypropylene, and U.H.M.W.P. for over twenty-five years. Bellows, lantern rings, gaskets, washers, O-rings, insulators, bushings, and seals are among the wide variety of items which are machined from stock shapes at our plant.

Balfor maintains a modern, up-to-date machine shop facility. New equipment is purchased annually to insure the latest technology and most exact product tolerances. Our quality control department utilizes the most advanced electronic measuring and testing equipment available. This assures precision products of high quality which conform to exact customer specifications.

Some of the more popular machines items are further described below. Balfor invites your requests for quotation on standard and custom machined products. Our new engineers and skilled machinists are ready to meet the new challenges of the industry.