Balfor’s line of soot blower packings is specifically designed to handle the high temperatures and pressures associated with equipment used in the removal of soot buildup in the fuel and power generation industries. These parts can be found in equipment used in the pulp and paper, sewage, chemical, and marine industries.

Balfor’s soot blower design uses a different seating method for the packing rings from conventional v-ring packings. This design provides excellent sealing on the boiler lance tubes utilizing material that has an extremely low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance. These sets are generally molded from proprietary materials and also provide excellent resistance to creep at elevated temperatures up to 500°F. Male and female adaptors are designed to be heavier than standard to bolster the set during service at high pressure.  

Balfor has the ability to modify set stack heights and configurations in response to customer depth and application features. Sets can be supplied either solid or split, depending on installation options. In cases where special dimensions are required, we have the capability to machine sets to size or produce new tooling for molded parts in-house.

We carry a large inventory of soot blowers in various sizes and configurations, including but not limited to:

2-⅜” ID x 3” OD

2-⅜” ID x 3-⅛” OD

2-¾” ID x 3-½” OD

70 MM ID x 90 MM OD

1.96” ID x 2.71” OD